Friday, April 15, 2016

A Unexpected Tiki Style Vacation in San Diego: The Catamaran Resort

We headed down to San Diego and hotel circle for a cheer competition.  It wasn't meant to be a Tiki Style weekend at all.
I got a deal on for the Mission Valley Resort in      Hotel Circle…..which turned out to be Booking.Horrible.    It was like a bad rundown Motel 6  that made me think of the Tents that Clark Griswald stayed in in Vacation.     Here is a picture of the view from our room.   Nice pool huh!

After a horrible night of sleep (or lack thereof )  due to what sounded like a bowling alley in the room above us, we decided we would need to turn the weekend around.   So I cancelled the second night at the Mission Valley Slums and booked us a room at the Bahia Resort with a Bay view.

I picked up the girls from cheer and we headed to our new hotel and began a Tiki Style evening that definitely was an upgrade from your previous night.    When we checked in we received tickets to take a cruise in the bay on a Steamboat the Bahia Belle .  We figured we would just ride the boat and then grab dinner at the Café.   

We took the Steamboat to the Bahia’s sister hotel The Catamaran Resort  (a place I had always wanted to stay back when I lived in San Diego for school) and we found out that all we needed was a handstamp to get back on the boat.

 The Catamaran is a hotel that sits on Mission Bay and feels like a resort you would find in Hawaii. It has its own beach and Tiki Torches lining the pathways.

We decided that instead of eating back at the Café we would grab something at the cool restaurant called the Oceana that features a Moon Jellyfish tank in the restaurant.

We wandered around exploring the Tiki Style resort grounds and taking some pictures before a great dinner.

The Resort features Tropical pathways that feature parrots in the daytime and Tikis guiding the way.   Here is the waterfall and Koi pond in the Lobby area.

Here are the Jellyfish inside Oceana

They also have a cool bar called Moray's where you can grab a Mai Tai that has a great fish tank behind the bar.

Here are some of the Tikis along the pathways of the Catamaran Resort

The Catamaran is like a slice of Hawaii in San Diego.  

 Next time maybe I’ll skip the cheapo hotel deal and just stay here.

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