Saturday, June 20, 2015

Retro/Tiki News : Some cool upcoming fun at Downtown Disney this summer: SHAG, Rockabilly, Polynesian Music

A Retro/Tiki  News update!!
Retro/Tiki fun coming to Downtown Disney

Here is a quick list of some cool stuff happening at Downtown Disney this Summer that may interest the Retro/Tiki crowd.  

 The Great thing about this is that you can park for the first couple of hours for free at the Downtown Disney Parking lot and it doesn't cost anything to get into Downtown Disney:

Theses events are connected with Disneyland's 60th Anniversary.
It seems like all of these events are perfect for the lovers of Retro and or Tiki.   I'm definitely going to head over there on July 25th for SHAG singing at the WonderGround Gallery --but may be able to hit one of the other events as well since I work down the street from Disneyland.   Here is a list of what is going on from Downtownd Disney's own website.

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