Saturday, April 4, 2015

Billy's at the Beach: A Tiki Restaurant Review

I have been wanting to stop at Billy's at the Beach for a very long time and after a discussion with another Tiki fan while in line for a ride at Disneyworld in Florida (of all places) -it was mentioned that Billy's had one of the best Mai Tai's.  So when we returned from our vacation we decided to finally try it out.  

We headed down Pacific Coast Highway to meet some friends and check it out and have some Cocktails.

Billy's wasn't really what I expected at all and that is mainly a result of its location in Newport Beach.  We arrived fairly early and it was really crowded in the bar section which extended inside and out.  The bar section is grab your own seat so we had to stand around until a table was available.  It was kind of a hot spot and a place to be seen.  The crowd was not typical Tiki.  I joked and said Billy's is Tiki for the Boob Job and Botox crowd (both of which were definitely in effect).   I think a lot of these people probably don't even know what a Tiki is.  But all of that didn't really matter because the view and the food were really good and the people watching was interesting.

You can't beat the view at Billy's which looks out at the Newport Bay.  Check out the 4 deck million dollar yacht in the background

The drinks tasted good --but a little too icy for my tastes and not very strong for the price.  We tried the Mai Tai, Planter's Punch and Newport Sunset, and a Golden Hefe at the end.  The Mai Tai was good -but I wouldn't agree that it they had the best ones.   
Mahe's in Seal Beach actually has one of my favorites.  


 The Food was actually really good and better than I had expected it to be. We tried a couple of Pu Pu's the

Tropical Guacamole
Our homemade fresh guacamole is served with taro chips and salsa.

Cho Cho
Grilled skewers of beef tenderloin marinated in our South Seas teriyaki sauce

Both of these were really good. We also shared a 
Panko Crusted Chicken
Panko crusted Shelton Chicken breast covered with a creamy mushroom sauce.
Served with jasmine white rice and vegetables

This was terrific and I would totally recommend it and get it again.

I love the Tiki Wine Door Handles on their wine Fridge.

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