Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto: Opening in 2015 (Missed it by that Much?)

I just recently saw online that the Polynesian Resort in Disneyworld just reopened their lobby after an extensive revamp.  
There are some cool pictures of the new lobby area here.

This news sent me on an Internet search to find out when the Disneyworld version of one of my favorite  Disneyland Resort hangouts was going to be opening.  I searched Disney blogs and Tiki Central.  All that I could find in news reports was 2015??   Not very specific.    I will be in Florida in the middle of March for my step daughter's cheer competition so I was hoping that it would be open be then.  After all visiting the Polynesian Resort to see all the new changes and find some Tiki's is on my Disneyworld trip must see list.   

My search for answers continued  and I found  Tiki Man's page which is the unofficial facebook page for the resort.  See his website below.

Well the answer to my question is that it is probably opening at the end of March 2015.....Ugh the end of March.....I can only hope that they have a sneak peek a couple weeks earlier.

The concept art for the place looks awesome.  Very much in the style of Trader Sam's on the West Coast, but with a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea twist to make it unique.   I'm dying to get my hands on this T-shirt that I saw as part of the concept art on numerous pages.  The Octopus  grabbing the Trader Sam's sign look so cool.  I'm hoping that they will have some cool Octopus mugs as well.


In the concept art below the coolest differences from our Trader Sam's is the Octopus arm holding the beer that is entwined in the rafters and the cool light up Oyster shell in the background.


And in this last cool drawing .. it looks like a little of the Adventurer's club could be making its way into the bar as well.  Where our Trader Sam's has the cool ship in a bottle effect from Adventurer's looks like the Orlando version may bring the Mask Room back to life.


I really hope that it opens early for our trip.   If not then I will definitely have a reason to go back again.

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