Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Tiki Came Back ( A Tiki poem)

The Tiki Came Back

The Tiki was cursed
Its eyes glowed red
It had sharp metal spikes growing out of its head

We had found it laying in a pile of trash
Surrounded by something that looked like ash

It reeked like sulfur 

                                        Like something out of hell
I knew when Tommy touched it -  
That it wouldn’t turn out well

He pulled his hand back
He yelled “It feels hot”
Then his hand began to smolder
His skin began to rot.

We turned to run
Tommy fell down
Twitching and rolling all over the ground

We ran around the corner
And then looked back
The Tiki was gone
And where Tommy lay was more ash

We swore to never speak of it again
We made a pact
But several years later
The Tiki came back


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