Monday, March 4, 2013

A Quick stop at Frankie's Tiki Bar in Las Vegas

On the way into Vegas we finally got around to stopping off the strip at Frankie's Tiki Room.....
Frankie's Tiki Room is a dark little Tiki Bar that is worth stopping by and checking out for any Tiki Fan heading to Vegas for the weekend.     

Frankie's features art work from many well known names in the Tiki Community including big contributions by Bamboo Ben.    There are Tikis carved by Crazy Al,  Billy the Crud,  Tiki Bosko and Tiki Ray to name a few.....and Tiki Art by such   Doug Horne,   Big Toe,   SHAG,  Ken Ruzic,  Thor and others ...

The bar itself was very dark inside...We had to wait a few minutes for our eyes to adjust before finding a sit at the bar and enjoying some great Tiki Drinks while listening to great Tiki Music and watching some interesting Retro programing on the bars TV Screens....    The only drawback for us was the smokiness of the place which brought back memories of my Pineappleman  WASH  days of playing in smoky bars and coming home with your clothes all smoky.     Other than that it was a really cool experience that I'm glad I was able to finally mark off my Vegas bucket list.
And we will definitely have to stop by there again for a few more Tiki drinks.

Here are some smoky pictures of some of the cool Tikis to be found inside.

Check out the Webpage for Frankie's  Tiki Room  below

Here is Frankie's Original  Drink menu which you can get with or without a cool Tiki  Mug from  Tiki Farm.    I went with the Thurnston Howl  a great drink with a great Vegas mug that has dice for Eyes.    Next time I go there I'll have to get one of the other great mugs.

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