Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tiki airbrush Tat: from Pirate Pier Invasion in Long Beach

I'm not a tattoo guy....But tattoo talk has been happening around the house....My step daughter is turning 18 soon and is supposedly getting a tattoo and my wife is talking about getting one with her.....I'm against it ---it just isn't my thing.....But it brought up conversations about the subject....and thoughts about what I would get if I was into that........What it be something Disney (because I'm such a Disney person????   NOT SO MUCH......Indiana Jones or Star Wars???   Nope......A Tiki??

Here is a Tiki tattoo -- (Airbrush from the Pirate Pier Invasion in Long Beach)

The kids both got temporary tats on Pirate day......And after seeing this Sea Turtle which would tie in with my Wedding ring and getting married in Maui.....would be cool ---if it had a Tiki inside the Turtle shape.

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