Saturday, April 21, 2012

Retro Movie Review: It's a Bikini World 1967 4 out of 10

A very unnecessary beach movie from the end of the beach movie era......Starring Tommy Kirk of Disney fame (Monkeys Uncle).   The plot of this movie was downright lame.   A cocky young surfer, athlete and ladies man whose charms doesn't work on the new girl in town for the summer,  poses as his fake brother and dresses up like a dork to win her over  (whatever).   The girl as played by bikini clad Deborah Walley is obsessed with showing up the cocky jock which leads to a series of just plain silly and uninteresting events or challenges where the athlete battles the girl  with hardly any other competition at all.    Other then the fun little musical performances by some bands like The Animals and The Castaways and The Gentrys which are thrown into the movie in the one cool set called The Dungeon (which is run by C movie vet  Sid Haig) the movie is pretty unremarkable.   My advice check out the music from the film and skip the below average plot line.

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