Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun with Spies: Episode #2 Night Train to Paris 1964 6 out of 10

Prior to 1981 and Airplane Leslie Nielsen actually acted in dramas. Airplane and the Naked Gun movies would of course change his career path forever as he would go on to be the go to actor for all spoof movies.   Night Train to Paris has him playing an ex spy that is thrust back into the business  when an old spy friend asks him for a favor.  This spy movie has him trying  to get an important package to Paris aboard a train on New Year's Eve.  There is a lot of hiding in and out of train compartments and some double crosses and other typical spy stuff from the era.  What is lacking  from the film is action.   There isn't a whole lot of action in this spy flick.   It is a decent spy film--yet not a great spy flick.   It has that skull and dagger feel to it thanks to the way it was shot and the soundtrack.  The film is quite short with a little over an hour in running time and  it was cool to see Leslie Nielsen in a more serious role rather than the spoof stuff that I've grown so used to seeing him in.

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