Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For the Love of Scooby Doo and Tiki

I Love it when my the things I like intersect one another.   Like for example --my 2 favorite movies of all-time  Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars---which both have rides at one of my favorite places Disneyland.   .....Well  another crossing of paths  -Is Scooby Doo and Tiki....I love Scooby Doo!  .... I always have and always will...I like mysteries and want to see if old man Withers is the guy in the ghost outfit....I love watching the gang and their talking dog bust the bad guys.   I've seen almost every incarnation of Scooby and the Gang---(Even the crappy Scrappy Doo days)......

Most recently I've watched the latest version of Scooby Doo called Mystery Inc.   on Cartoon Network --which is another updated version where Fred and Daphne are actually dating . (We always knew those 2 had a thing for each other).   And in Crystal Cove where they live they have a cool hangout that is all Tiki...

The Sheriff  (voiced by Patrick Warburton of Puddy from Seinfeld fame)  enjoying a Tiki drink

 Fred and Daphne on a date

 This location has been in several episodes---

Just prior to the new series came Aloha Scooby Doo a direct to DVD movie from 2005... A Hawaiian themed surfing adventure which featured cursed Tikis as the villains.. trying to ruin a surf competition.

I have always loved Animation as an art form....I think some of the animation in Disney movies and now Pixar should be looked upon as the same way as fine art......Here are some cool pictures from Aloha Scooby Doo

This image I thought was especially cool

Underground Tiki Temple

 Well the  gang solved the Mystery in a fun action packed DVD movie that had Daphne is surfing in a bikini.....Worth a watch if you have kids....Or are just a Scooby Doo fan like I am.

There is also a  good  Tiki Mask episode in the original series season 2    called a Tiki Scare is no Fair......

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